Using DigEplan saves time and guarantees a smooth workflow

Simplify the plan review processes

DigEplan enhances the plan review process, eliminating paper-based reviews for city planning enabling a digital simplified workflow that enhances visibility and control.

Enabling efficient access, review and approval of plans and associated documents, DigEplan significantly save time and resource.


Providing version control and individual approval stamps, DigEplan enables a detailed audit trail of decisions.


Retrieve, view, amend, and approve all documents relating to a case from one location.


Clear version comparisons, cross reference documents, apply measurements and amend to ensure informed decisions are made.


Deep integration to existing vendor system for easy deployment and rapid adoption.


Simultaneous reviews, individual layers for amends and comments, and chat function facilitates collaboration.


Digitalise document review and streamline the workflow to increase productivity and turnaround times.

We understand planning

With specialist public planning expertise, we understand the challenges faced by city planning departments. We remove the frustration of using different systems outside of your city application for the plan review, correction comment management and collaboration. 

One click to find everything related to projects and collaborations

Simplified IT real estate

No database. No desktop application… One system that opens up all the documents in one location, no matter the format. That allows multiple access for individuals to work on documents simultaneously, without doubling up on work. That highlights differences in plans and facilitates a streamlined approval process.

DigEplan unites your current systems and simplifies their use

Exploiting your existing city investments

With direct access through an organisations’ case management and document management systems, DigEplan fully integrates to your screens and workflows to enhance efficiency. DigEplan delivers an integrated electronic plan review that overcomes the challenges of planning departments.

DigEplan enables an efficient and thorough plan review process for:

Public sector planning made easy with DigEplan


DigEplan improves permit turnaround time


Planning processes easily managed, even at regional levels


Water management planning processes


Support for Government Platforms

DigEplan integrates over 20 public sector, city and municipality systems, such as Accela, Alfresco, SharePoint, BCT Corsa, Verseon, Dimpact, Roxit, Key2vergunningen, GISvg, Wave, SBA, Corsa Case.

Our customers say...

Santa Clara County

“We expect that the use of Accela’s standard comments alongside DigEplan’s stamping functions will reduce the plan review and administrative time by over 50%.”

Gemeente Goes

“The plans and supporting documents can be opened from within Corsa or DigEplan and you can view all related documents. The process is converted to an automatic workflow, so gets added to individuals task list. All the dates are recorded – what date it was signed, the date it was sent to the customer, all form within DigEplan.”