DigEplan simplifies the IT landscape

  • Fully integrated into Accela standard screens, workflows and tasking
  • No desktop or database installations
  • Supports layers and bookmarks in PDF’s
  • Opens password / locked PDF documents
  • Provides shared standard correction comments
  • Intelligent stamps that update workflows and drive processes
  • Automatic or user driven Interim and consolidated correction reports generation
  • Side-by-side views of plans and supporting documents
  • PDF and native CAD file support, including AutoDESK DWG and DWF & Microstation DGN

Standard Accela ACA is used as the method for applicants and communication from the city for plan check processing and permitting.

DigEplan is launched from the standard Accela workflows, tasking and record screens.

DigEplan is launched from the standard Accela workflows, tasking and record screens.

Electronic Plan Review Planning audit trail

Focused on the process of plan check

Electronic plan review requires in-context information to be displayed and processed as you would with a paper process.

DigEplan enables plan checkers to work flexibly, how they want, to quickly and easily get the job done.

DigEplan provides a rich set of features and functions for the plan checker

  • Measurements for area, cumulative, lengths, radial…
  • Comments
  • Mark-ups
  • Comparison
  • Overlay
  • Stamps and symbols
  • Shared standard comments
  • Intelligent stamps that drive workflow and automate tasks

Support for Adobe PDF standards

At DigEplan, we understand that Adobe PDF is an industry standard and we need to support the key features.

Accela DigEplan

Adobe Bookmarks are supported by DigEplan

Accela DigEplan

Adobe Layers are supported by DigEplan

Support for native CAD formats

Alongside PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, DigEplan supports Autodesk DWG and DWF and Bentley DGN native CAD files.

You can open the native engineering file without the need for expensive engineering authoring applications.

Review, mark-up, and collaborate, as well as convert to PDF for record keeping.

electronic plan review DigEplan

DigEplan's compare and overlay functions enable review cycle differences to be identified quickly and easily.

Configurable intelligent stamps that use Accela meta-data can also drive other processes, such as workflow updates.

Accela new UI

Automatically generate intermediate reports

Departments want to respond quickly to applicants to enable the relevant parties to make the requested changes to the plans.

DigEplan supports the automatic or user driven intermediate report generation. These reports combine the correction comments list and the visual drawing.

DigEplan creates a PDF compliant rendition, which is easy to consume for the applicant.

DigEplan automatically generates interim or final consolidated reports at the end of each cycle and captures the correction comment history without plan checkers having to think about it.

DigEplan for Accela Solution

External agencies and plan checkers can collaborate with Accela based cities, contributing and expediting the plan check processes.