All about DigEplan

DigEplan was created to address the limitations of paper-based reviews and a lack of a digital solution to provide an efficient method to view, review and approve city plans.

We started in 2011 with a team of enthusiastic engineers whose insight to the planning process has resulted in creating the robust and insightful solution, DigEplan.

Enthusiastic team<i></i>

We are proud to be over enthusiastic about our solution and keenly work in partnership with customers to ensure they have a system that makes their jobs easier, removing the complexity and confusion from planning reviews. We also believe that the user experience is incredibly important.

We strive to make solutions that are easy-to-use, provide all the essential functionality (and more) and eliminate the annoyance repetition of work.

Lifecycle Technology Holdings

DigEplan is part of Lifecycle Technology Holdings, a leading engineering-focused company that develop and integrate solutions, maximising customers’ existing investments, for the efficient management of complex lifecycle operations.

With four distinct lines of business, LCT, Kritiki, DigEplan, and AssembyX, Lifecycle Technology Holdings serves a variety of industries. Sectors include capital projects for construction and engineering, energy and resources, manufacturing, as well as cities and municipalities.